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usage note
"Calor" appears as a feminine noun quite frequently in medieval texts and is still treated as such in some regions in everyday speech, though it is considered to be non-standard.
masculine noun
1. heat (temperatura alta); warmth (tibieza)
  • al calor de la lumbreby the fireside
  • este abrigo da mucho calorthis coat is very warm
  • entrar en calorto get warm; to warm up(figurative) (público, deportista)
  • hace calorit's warm o hot
  • tener calorto be warm o hot
  • calor animalbody heat
  • calor específico(physics) specific heat
2. warmth (afecto, entusiasmo)
  • el calor del públicothe warmth of the audience
  • caloreshot flushes(de la menopausia) (RP)
1 (alta temperatura) heat
un calor agobiante
no puedo dormir con este calor I can't sleep in this heat; no soporto los calores del verano I can't cope with the heat in summer; un material resistente al calor a heat-resistant material; ¡qué calor! it's really hot!; nos sentamos al calor de la chimenea we sat by the heat of the fire; we sat by the warm fireside
dar calor
el fuego da un calorcito muy agradable the fire gives off a very pleasant heat; esta camiseta me da demasiado calor this shirt is too hot o warm
entrar en calor to get warm
un café para entrar en calor a coffee to warm you/us up
una carrera suave para entrar en calor
hacer calor to be hot
hace muchísimo calor it's very hot; mañana hará mucho calor it will be very hot tomorrow
pasar calor to be hot
nunca he pasado tanto calor como hoy I've never been o felt as hot as today
tener calor to be hot
tengo mucho calor I'm very hot
2 (afecto) warmth and affection
un niño falto de calor a child deprived of warmth and affection
calor humano human warmth
3 calores [de la menopausia] hot flushes; hot flashes; (EEUU)
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