"calmas" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to relieve (mitigar)
2. to calm, to soothe (tranquilizar)
pronomial verb
1. to calm down (persona, ánimos); to abate (dolor, tempestad)

calmar [cal-mar’]
article & verb transitive
1. To calm, to quiet, to compose, to pacify, to still, to hush.
2. To alleviate, to allay, to lay, to mitigate, to lull, to moderate, to soothe, to soften.
verb neuter
3. To fall calm, to be becalmed. (n)
verb reflexive
4. To be pacified, to calm down oneself; to improve (tiempo), to settle down; ¡Cálmate! (Metaphorical)
, calm down!

1 (relajar) [+persona] to calm (down); [+ánimos] to calm; [+nervios] to calm; steady
intenté calmarla pero seguía llorando I tried to calm her down but she kept crying; estas pastillas le ayudarán a calmar la ansiedad these pills will help reduce o relieve your anxiety
esto le ayudará a calmar la ansiedad
esta medida calmará la tensión en el país this measure will reduce tension in the country
2 (aliviar) [+dolor, picor] to relieve; [+tos] to soothe; [+sed] to quench
1 [+persona] to calm down
¡cálmese! calm down!
2 (Meteorología) [+viento] to drop; [+olas] to calm down
calmarse las aguas
las aguas se calmarán tras las elecciones things will quieten down after the elections
3 (Economía) [+mercado] to settle down

Verb Conjugations for "calmar" (go to to calm, to soothe)


yo calmo calmé calmaba calmaría calmaré
calmas calmaste calmabas calmarías calmarás
él/ella/Ud. calma calmó calmaba calmaría calmará
nosotros calmamos calmamos calmábamos calmaríamos calmaremos
vosotros calmáis calmasteis calmabais calmaríais calmaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. calman calmaron calmaban calmarían calmarán
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