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1. calma (f) tranquilidad (f)
  • the calm before the storm (also sentido figurado) la calma que precede a la tormenta
2. tranquilo(a) (person, sea, water); apacible (weather)
  • to stay calm mantener la calma
  • to become or grow calmer calmarse
transitive verb
3. calmar, tranquilizar
calm [kɑːm]
calmer (comparative)calmest (superlative)
1 (unruffled) [+person, voice, place] tranquilo
to grow calm tranquilizarse; calmarse; to keep or remain calm mantener la calma; keep calm! ¡tranquilo(s)!; ¡calma!; on calmer reflection, she decided that it would be a mistake tras un periodo de calma y reflexión, decidió que sería un error; (cool,) calm and collected tranquilo y con dominio de sí mismo; I feel calmer now ahora estoy más tranquilo or calmado
2 (still) [+sea, lake, water, weather] en calma; [+day, evening] sin viento
the sea was dead calm el mar estaba en calma chicha
3 (Economics) [+market, trading] sin incidencias
calma (f); tranquilidad (f)
the calm before the storm la calma antes de la tormenta; (Náut) a dead calm una calma chicha
transitive verb
(also calm down) [+person] calmar; tranquilizar
to calm o.s. calmarse; tranquilizarse; calm yourself! ¡cálmate!; ¡tranquilízate!; to calm sb's fears tranquilizar a algn
The chairman tried to calm their fears He was starting to shake with excitement, and to calm himself he walked over to the window...
intransitive verb
[+sea, wind] calmarse
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