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masculine noun
1. calendar
  • calendario escolar/laboral -> school/working year
CALENDARIO LABORAL The calendario laboral lists the 15 public holidays a year in Spain. There are eight official national holidays, some of which are religious: Good Friday, the Assumption (15 August), All Saints' (1 November), the Immaculate Conception (8 December), Christmas; others are required by labor legislation: New Year, Labour Day (1 May), Day of the Constitution (6 December). A further five national holidays are optional (in that regional authorities can substitute them with other days): Epiphany (6 January), St Joseph (19 March), Holy Thursday, Feast of Santiago (25 July), Spanish National Day (12 October). There are two further holidays, one to be decided by each autonomous region, and one by each province.

calendario [cah-len-dah’-re-o]
1. Almanac, calendar. (m)
  • Calendario de pared -> wall calendar
2. Date. (m)
  • Hacer calendarios -> (Met.) To make almanacs; to muse, to be thoughtful
  • Calendario de Flora -> floral calendar, a table of the time of flowering of plants
  • Calendario electrónico -> (Inform.) electronic calendar

calendar; [de reforma etc] timetable; [de trabajo etc] schedule
hacer calendarios to muse; dream
calendario de pared wall calendar
calendario de taco tear-off calendar

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