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feminine noun
1. pumpkin, gourd
  • dar calabazas a alguien (informal figurative) to turn somebody down(a pretendiente), to knock somebody back; (British) to fail o (en exámenes) flunk somebody (United States)
1 (Botánica) pumpkin; (recipiente) gourd; calabash
2 (idiota) dolt
3 (cabeza) bonce (muy_familiar); nut (familiar); noggin (muy_familiar); (EEUU)
dar calabazas a [+candidato, estudiante] to fail; [+amante] to jilt; (ofender) to snub; offend; llevarse o recibir calabazas [+estudiante] to fail; [+amante] to be jilted; salir calabaza to be a flop (familiar); prove a miserable failure
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