Cake in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. pastel (m) tarta (f) (food); pastel (m) (small)
  • a birthday cake una tarta de cumpleaños
  • a wedding cake un pastel de boda
  • cake shop pastelería (f)
  • cake tin molde (m) (británico)
2. pastilla (f) (of soap)
3. (idioms)
  • it's a piece of cake está tirado, es facilísimo
  • that really takes the cake! (familiar) ¡esto es el colmo! (Estados Unidos)
  • you can't have your cake and eat it (Prov) no se puede estar en misa y repicando
transitive verb
  • her shoes were caked with mud tenía los zapatos llenos de barro seco
cake [keɪk]
1 (large) tarta (f); pastel (m); torta (f); (LAm) (small) pastel (m); queque (m); (LAm) (sponge, plain) bizcocho (m); pan (m) dulce
the way the national cake is divided la forma en que está repartida la tarta or está repartido el pastel nacional
it's a piece of cake es pan comido; está tirado (informal)
to go or sell like hot cakes venderse como rosquillas
to have one's cake and eat it
he wants to have his cake and eat it quiere nadar y guardar la ropa
that takes the cake! ¡es el colmo!
2 (bar) [of chocolate] barra (f); [of soap] pastilla (f)
transitive verb
caked with mud embarrado; cubierto de barro seco
intransitive verb
[+blood] coagularse; [+mud] endurecerse;
cake mix (n) polvos (m) para hacer pasteles
cake shop (n) pastelería (f)
cake tin (n) (for baking) bizcochera (f); (for storing) caja (f) de pastel
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