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cachondo, -a
1. (informal) (divertido)
  • ser cachondo, -ato be funny(peninsular Spanish)
2. (muy informal) (excitado)
  • estar cachondo, -ato be randy(peninsular Spanish, Mexican Spanish)
  • poner cachondo, -ato turn on
  • ponerse cachondo, -ato get randy o turned on
masculine or feminine noun
3. (informal)
  • es un cachondo, -a (mental)he's always pissing around(peninsular Spanish)
1 [+animal] on heat
2 (persona) randy (familiar); horny (familiar)
ser cachondo to be sexy; estar cachondo to feel randy o horny (familiar)
3 (juerguista) fun-loving; riotous
4 (gracioso) funny; amusing; jokey
cachondo mental crazy but likable
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