1. (diversión) 
ser un cachondeoto be a laugh
irse de cachondeoto go out on the town
2. (pejorative) 
a. joke 
tomarse algo a cachondeoto treat something as a joke
1 (bromas) joking; (guasa) laugh (familiar); messing about; (burla) teasing; nagging
estar de cachondeo to be in the mood for a laugh; hacer algo en plan de cachondeo to do sth for a lark o a laugh; tomar a cachondeo to treat as a joke; para ella la vida es un cachondeo continuo life for her is just one big joke
2 (juerga)
estar de cachondeo to live it up; have a great time
3 (jaleo) trouble
armar un cachondeo to make a fuss
4 (desastre) farce; mess
¡esto es un cachondeo! what a farce this is!; what a mess!
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