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feminine noun
1. goat
  • cabra de angora angora goat
  • cabra montés wild goat
  • pie o pata de cabra crowbar, jemmy (British), jimmy (United States)
  • estar como una cabra (informal) to be off one's head
  • la cabra siempre tira al monte (Prov) you can't make a leopard change his spots
1 (Zoología) goat; (hembra) nanny goat; she-goat; (almizclero) musk deer
estar como una cabra to be crazy
la cabra siempre tira al monte a leopard does not change its spots; what's bred in the bone will out in the flesh
cabra montés Spanish ibex
2 (Latinoamérica) (truco) trick; swindle; (dado) loaded dice
3 (S. Cone) (carro) light carriage; [de carpintero] sawhorse; sawbuck; (EEUU)
4 (S. Cone) (niña) little girl
5 (moto) motorbike
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