feminine noun
1. hut, cabin (choza)
2. livestock (ganado)
  • la cabaña bovina de Gales -> the national herd of Welsh cattle
3. goal (de fútbol) (Mexican Spanish)

cabaña [cah-bah’-nya]
1. Shepherd’s hut, cottage, cot, cabin. (f)
  • Cabaña de madera -> log cabin
2. Hole, hovel, mean habitation. (f)
3. Flock of ewes or breeding sheep. (f)
4. Drove of asses for carrying grain. (f)
5. Weekly allowance of bread, oil vinegar, and salt, for shepherds. (Province; Provinicial) (f)
6. Balk, a line drawn on a billiard table, limiting the players. (f)
7. Landscape representing a shepherd’s cottage, with fowls, and other domestic animals. (f)
8. Cabana. (f)

1 (choza) hut; cabin; (pobre) hovel; shack
cabaña de madera log cabin
2 (Billar) baulk
3 (Agr) (rebaño) (large) flock; (ganado) livestock
4 (S. Cone) (estancia) cattle-breeding ranch

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