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masculine noun
1. easel (de pintor)
2. trestle (de mesa)
3. bridge (de nariz)
4. ridge (de tejado)

caballete [cah-bal-lyay’-tay]
1. (Aruit.) Ridge of a house forming an acute angle (de techo); bolster, ridge-piece, hip; carpenter’s horse, trestle-horse, bench, (Tec.) Trestle. (m)
2. Horse, an instrument of torture. (m)
3. Brake, for dressing hemp and flax. (m)
4. Ridge between furrows, raised by a ploughshare. (m)
5. Cover over the funnel of a chimney in a pyramidal form. (m)
6. Bridge (of the nose). (m)
7. Gallows of a printing-press. (m)
8. (Arte) easel. (m)
9. Gantry tower. (Aerial) (m)
  • Caballete de aserrar -> sawyer’s trestle or horse
  • Caballete de pintor -> painter’s easel

(Arte) easel; (Técnica) trestle; [de tejado, de tierra labrada] ridge; [de chimenea] cowl; (Anatomía) bridge (of the nose)
caballete de pintor painter's easel
caballete de serrar sawhorse; sawbuck; (EEUU)
caballete para bicicleta bicycle clamp; bicycle rest

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