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feminine noun
1. mount, horse (animal)
2. cavalry (cuerpo militar)
  • novela de caballería -> courtly romance

caballería [cah-bal-lyay-ree’-ah]
1. A riding beast. (f)
  • Caballería de carga -> beast of burden; caballería menor, ass
2. Cavalry horse or horsetroops. (f)
  • Caballería ligera -> light horse, light cavalry
3. Art of managing and mounting a horse. (f)
4. Chivalry, the order of knights, and particularly military order. (f)
  • Caballería andante -> knight-errantry
5. Knighthood; martialism, nobleness of mind. (f)
6. Assembly of knights of military orders. (f)
7. Chivalry, the institution and profession of knights 8. (f)
8. Service rendered by knights and nobles. (f)
9. Share of spoils given to a knight, according to his rank and merit. (f)
10. A tract of land about thirty-three and one third acres, U. (f)
11. Preeminence and privileges of knights. (f)
  • Libros de caballería -> books of knight errantry
  • Andarse en caballerías -> (Met.) to make a fulsome show of superfluous compliments
Body of nobility of a province or place. S. measure.

1 (montura) mount; steed (literario); (caballo) horse; (mula) mule
caballería de carga beast of burden
2 (Mil) cavalry
caballería ligera light cavalry; light horse
3 (Hist) chivalry; (orden) order of chivalry
libros de caballerías books of chivalry
caballería andante knight errantry
andarse en caballerías to overdo the compliments
5 (Centroamérica) (Caribe) (S. Cone) (México) (Agr) a land measurement of varying size (usually 42 hectares)

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