"butt" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

1. culata (f) (of rifle); colilla (f) (of cigarette)
  • to be the butt of a joke -> ser el blanco de una broma
2. trasero (m) (familiar) (buttocks) (Estados Unidos)
verbo transitivo
3. dar or arrear un cabezazo a (hit with head)

butt [bat]
1. Terreno, el objeto o blanco que se pone para tirar a él.
2. Blanco, hito, el fin u objeto a que se dirigen las acciones de alguno.
3. Hazmerreír, el que es objeto de la irrisión de otros (target of jokes or criticism).
4. Bota, pipa.
5. Culata (rifle).
6. Topetazo (from goat).
  • To get off one’s butt -> ponerse a trabajar
  • Butt-leather -> cuero de buey
  • Butt-end -> cabo o mango de alguna cosa; término más pesado de alguna cosa
  • Cigar-butt -> punta de cigarro
(Coloq,) Trasero, culo, traste, poto. Regatón, contera.
  • Butt in -> interrumpir, meter la cuchara
va. Topar o topetar, dar con la cabeza en alguna cosa; darle un topetazo a (goat).

butt [bʌt]
1 (also butt-end) cabo (m); extremo (m); [of gun] culata (f); [of cigar] colilla (f)
2 (US) (cigarette) colilla (f)
3 especially (US) (bottom) trasero (informal) (m); culo (very_informal) (m)
to work one's butt off romperse los cuernos (informal)
butt cheeks (n) (US) nalgas (f)
It's a thrill when I can go out there and bend over and spread my butt cheeks and I know they're staring longingly at my holes
butt [bʌt]
1 (Archery) (Shooting) (target) blanco (m)
the butts el campo de tiro al blanco
2 blanco (m)
she's the butt of his jokes ella es el blanco de sus bromas
butt [bʌt]
(push with head) cabezazo (m); [of goat] topetazo (m);
[+goat] topetar; [+person] dar un cabezazo a
to butt one's head against dar un cabezazo contra; to butt one's way through abrirse paso a cabezazos
butt in
(interrupt) interrumpir; (meddle) meterse
I don't want to butt in
butt into
[+conversation] meterse en; [+meeting] interrumpir;
butt out
(US) no entrometerse
She would have liked to tell him to butt out The time has come for parents to butt out of the adolescent's daily life
butt out! ¡no te metas donde no te importa!
butt [bʌt]
(barrel) tonel (m); (for rainwater) tina (f); aljibe (m);

Verb Conjugations for "butt" (go to el trasero)


I butt I butted I will butt
you butt you butted you will butt
he/she butts he/she butted he/she will butt
we butt we butted we will butt
you butt you butted you will butt
they butt they butted they will butt
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