feminine noun
1. (cold meat) 
Pruebe nuestro surtido de chorizos y butifarras. ¡Le encantará!Try our assorted selection of chorizos and Catalan pork sausages. You'll love it!
2. (sandwich) (Peru) 
No voy a cenar. Tomamos unas butifarras en un puesto de la feria.I'm not having dinner. We had some ham and salad rolls at a stand in the fairground.
1. (general) 
a. type of Catalan pork sausage 
1 (embutido) Catalan sausage
hacer (la) butifarra a algn to give sb the two-fingers sign; make an obscene gesture to sb
2 (media) badly-fitting stocking
3 (Perú) meat and salad roll
tomar a algn para la butifarra (S. Cone) to make a laughing stock of sb
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