1. (of papers) 
a. el manojo (M) 
2. (of banknotes) 
a. el fajo (M) 
3. (of straw) 
a. la haz m, gavilla (F) 
4. (of clothes) 
a. el fardo m, hato (M) 
5. (colloquial) 
she's a bundle of nerveses un manojo de nervios
6. (colloquial) 
I don't go a bundle on horror filmsno me vuelven loco las películas de terror
7. (fam ironic) 
he's a real bundle of laughses un tipo aburridísimo es un muermo de tío,, es un tipo embolante
transitive verb
8. (general) 
to bundle somebody out of the doorsacar a alguien a empujones por la puerta
to bundle somebody into a carmeter a alguien a empujones en un coche
bundle [ˈbʌndl]
1 [of clothes, rags] bulto (m); fardo (m); lío (m); [of sticks] haz (m); [of papers] legajo (m)
bundle of joy (baby) bebé (m)
Thankfully, Louise and husband Andrew, 30, were quickly reunited with their 6lb 8oz bundle of joy It's very difficult to be serious when you have this delightful bundle of joy running around just being amazed at every little leaf that drops
he's a bundle of nerves es un manojo de nervios; he's not exactly a bundle of laughs no es muy divertido que digamos
2 (money)
to make a bundle ganarse un dineral (informal); ganarse un pastón (very_informal); (Esp) it cost a bundle costó un dineral or una millonada (informal)
3 (large number) montón (m)
We've learned a bundle of lessons The profession offers a bundle of benefits, not least of which is extensive training
to go a bundle on volverse loco por (informal)
4 (Comput) paquete (m)
Many service providers will include a software bundle as part of their sign-up costs
transitive verb
1 (also bundle up) [+clothes] atar en un bulto
2 (put hastily) guardar sin orden
the body was bundled into the car metieron el cadáver en el coche a la carrera
bundled software (n) (Comput) paquete (m) de software
Don't forget to ask what's included in the bundled software you'll be receiving
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