bulla [bu-la]
1. Flictena, ampolla, vejigüela cutánea transparente, que contiene un humor seroso.

feminine noun
1. (informal)
2. racket, uproar (ruido)
  • armar bulla -> to kick up a racket
3. (prisa)
  • meter bulla a alguien -> to hurry somebody up (peninsular Spanish)

bulla [bool'-lyah]
1. Noise, any sound made by one or more persons. (f)
  • Armar bulla -> to make a row
2. Clatter, shout, or loud cry. (f)
3. Crowd, mob. (f)
  • Meterlo a bulla -> to carry off the matter with a joke
4. Crowd, mob. (f)
5. Ser el hombre de la bulla, to be the man of the moment. (Caribbean) (f)

1 (bullicio) row; racket
armar o meter bulla to make a row; make a racket (familiar)
2 (bronca) quarrel; brawl
meter algo a bulla to throw sth into confusion
3 (prisa) hurry
tengo mucha bulla I'm in a real hurry; métele bulla hurry him up o along
4 (muchedumbre) crowd; mob
ser el hombre de la bulla (Caribe) to be the man of the moment

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