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buena [boo-ay’-no, nah]
1. Good, nice.
  • El bueno del cura -> (Coll.) the good curate
  • La buena gente -> good people, decent people
  • Lo bueno es que -> the best thing about it is that
2. Simple, fair, plain, without cunning or craft.
3. Fit or proper for something.
  • En el momento bueno -> at the right moment
  • Ser bueno para -> to be suitable for
  • Bueno de comer -> good to eat
4. Sociable, agreeable, pleasant, loving, gracious.
  • Tener buen día en buena compañía -> to spend a pleasant day in agreeable company
5. Great, strong, violent.
  • Buena calentura -> a strong fever
  • No estar bueno de la cabeza -> to be weak in the head
6. Sound, healthy.
7. Useful, serviceable.
8. Strange, wonderful, notable.
  • Buenos días -> good morning, good-day: a familiar salute
  • Buenas noches -> good-night
  • Buenas tardes -> good afternoon or evening
  • Las bellas artes y las buenas letras -> the fine arts and belles-lettres
  • A buenas -> willingly
9. ¿Adónde bueno?
  • ¿De dónde bueno? -> ¿where do you come from
10. (Cono Sur) Estar en la buena, to be in a good mood.
, where are you off to?

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