masculine noun
1. crop (de ave)
2. maw (de animal)
3. belly (informal) (de persona)
  • llenar el buche -> to fill one's belly
4. (trago)
  • tomó un buche de agua -> he took o drank a mouthful of water

buche [boo’-chay]
1. Craw or crop, of birds and fowls. (m)
2. Maw or stomach of quadrupeds. (m)
3. Mouthful of a fluid. (m)
4. Young sucking ass, foal. (m)
5. Purse, wrinkle, or pucker in clothes. (m)
  • Hacer buche -> to be baggy, wrinkle up
6. Breast, the place where secrets are pretended to be kept. (m)
7. Human stomach. (Colloquial) (m)
  • Ha Ilenado bien el buche -> (Coll.) He has stuffed his belly well
  • Hacer el buche -> (Low.) to eat
  • Hacer el buche a otro -> to make one dine heartily
8. Idiot, fool. (Caribbean) (m)
9. Top hat. (Andes) (m)
10. Goitre, thyroid; mumps (paperas). (Ante Meridian & Latin American & Medical) (m)

1 (estómago) (Ornitología) crop; (Zoología) maw; belly
guardar algo en el buche to keep sth very quiet
llenar el buche to fill one's belly
sacar el buche to show off
sacar el buche a algn to make sb talk
2 (trago) mouthful; (And) shot; slug of drink; (EEUU) (of drink)
hacer buches con algo to rinse one's mouth out with sth
3 (Cos) (bolsa) bag; (arruga) wrinkle; pucker
hacer buche to be baggy; wrinkle up
4 (Latinoamérica) (Med) (bocio) goitre; goiter; (EEUU) (paperas) mumps
5 (And) (chistera) top hat
6 (Caribe) (tonto) fool; idiot

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