bruta [broo’-to, tah]
1. Coarse, unpolished, in a rough state.
  • Diamante en brutoa rough diamond
  • Madera en brutorough timber
2. Stupid.
  • Más bruto que un adoquínas dumb as an ox
  • Pepe es muy brutoJoe is pretty rough
3. Gross.
  • Peso brutogross weight
4. Brute, brutish; bestial (brutal).
5. Pegar a uno en bruto, to beat somebody mercilessly. (Caribbean)
6. (Cono Sur) Poor-quality, inferior.
7. Estar bruto, to be randy.
8. Silly, foolish. (Ante Meridian & Latin American) (m)
9. Brute, beast. (m)
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