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1. cepillo (m) (for clothes, hair); cepillo (m) , escoba (f) (for sweeping); pincel (m) (for painting pictures); brocha (f) (for house-painting, shaving)
2. cepillado (m) (action) (to hair, teeth, horse)
  • to give one's hair a brush cepillarse el pelo
  • to give the floor a brush barrer el suelo
3. roce (m) (light touch)
  • to have a brush with the law (familiar) tener un problemilla con la ley
4. cola (f) (of fox)
5. maleza (f) (undergrowth)
transitive verb
6. cepillar (clean); barrer (floor)
  • to brush one's hair cepillarse el pelo
  • to brush one's teeth lavarse or cepillarse los dientes
7. rozar (touch lightly)
intransitive verb
  • to brush against something/somebody rozar algo/a alguien
  • to brush past something/somebody pasar rozando algo/a alguien
brush [brʌʃ]
1 (gen) cepillo (m); (sweeping brush) cepillo (m); escobilla (f); (scrubbing brush) cepillo (m) de cerda; (shaving brush, decorator's) brocha (f); (paint brush) (artist's) pincel (m); (Electricity and Electronics) (contact) escobilla (f)
shoe brush cepillo (m) para zapatos
2 (act of brushing) cepillado (m)
give your coat a brush cepíllate el abrigo; let's give it a brush vamos a pasar el cepillo
3 (tail) [of fox] rabo (m); hopo (m)
4 (skirmish) roce (m)
to have a brush with the police tener un roce con la policía
5 (light touch) toque (m)
6 (undergrowth) maleza (f); broza (f)
transitive verb
1 (clean) [+floor] cepillar; [+clothes, hair] cepillar
to brush one's shoes limpiarse los zapatos; to brush one's teeth lavarse los dientes; cepillarse los dientes
2 (touch lightly) rozar
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