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café, marrón

"brown" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

1. marrón (m) ; color (m) café (Am)
2. marrón , café (Am); castaño(a) ; moreno(a)
  • brown bread (hair, eyes)(skin) -> pan (m) integral
  • brown goods (comercio) -> equipamiento (m) audiovisual
  • brown paper -> papel (m) de estraza
  • brown rice -> arroz (m) integral
  • brown sugar -> azúcar (m or f) moreno(a)
verbo transitivo
3. dorar (in cooking)
verbo intransitivo
4. dorarse (in cooking)

brown [braun]
1. Moreno, castaño, bazo, que tira a encarnado o medio entre encarnado y negro, como el color de la pasa; pardo.
  • To get brown -> broncearse, ponerse moreno
2. Color moreno o pardo; el obtenido mezclando rojo, amarillo y negro en diferentes proporciones; matiz de las hojas marchita
sustantivo & verbo neutro (intransitivo)
3. Marrón, café, carmelito.
verbo neutro (intransitivo)
4. Dorarse. (n)
Marrón, café, carmelito (shoe, dress, eyes); castaño (hair); moreno (naturally/skin, person); bronceado, moreno (suntanned).va. (Culin.) Dorar. Broncear (tan). Broncearse, ponerse moreno (tan).

brown [braʊn]
browner (comparative)brownest (superlative)
1 (gen) marrón; color café; (LAm) [+hair] castaño; [+leather] marrón
2 (tanned) moreno; bronceado; [+skin] moreno
to go brown ponerse moreno; broncearse
as brown as a berry muy moreno; bronceadísimo
marrón (m); color (m) café; (LAm) [of eyes, hair] castaño (m);
1 [+sun] [+person] broncear; poner moreno
2 (Cookery) dorar
1 [+leaves etc] volverse de color marrón
2 [+skin] ponerse moreno; broncearse
3 (Cookery) dorarse
brown ale (n) cerveza (f) oscura or negra
brown bear (n) oso (m) pardo
brown belt (n) (in judo, karate) cinturón (m) marrón
I was a judo brown belt then and he a white one I have a brown belt in karate
brown bread (n) pan (m) negro; pan (m) moreno; (Esp)
brown egg (n) huevo (m) moreno
brown goods (n) (productos (m) de) línea (f) marrón; (productos (m) de) gama (f) marrón
She had stopped him in the street to quiz him about electrical appliances, about white and brown goods The firms listed here offer every conceivable electronic or battery-run device: White goods (washers, dryers, refrigerators, and ranges), brown goods (tvs, air conditioners, etc)
brown owl (n) (Orn) autillo (m)
in Brownie Guides
brown paper (n) papel (m) de estraza
brown rice (n) arroz (m) integral
brown sauce (n) (Britain) salsa de condimento, con sabor agridulce
brown study (n)
to be in a brown study estar absorto en sus pensamientos; estar en Babia (informal)
brown sugar (n) azúcar (m) moreno

Verb Conjugations for "brown" (go to café, marrón)


I brown I browned I will brown
you brown you browned you will brown
he/she browns he/she browned he/she will brown
we brown we browned we will brown
you brown you browned you will brown
they brown they browned they will brown
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