"brotes" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

intransitive verb
1. to sprout, to bud (planta)
  • ya le están brotando las flores al árbol -> the tree is already beginning to flower
2. to flow (agua, sangre) (suavemente); to spout (con violencia)
  • la sangre brotaba a borbotones de la herida -> blood was gushing from the wound
  • brotar de -> to well up out of
  • le brotaron las lágrimas -> tears welled up in her eyes
3. (esperanza, sospechas, pasiones)
  • entre los dos brotó una profunda amistad -> a deep friendship sprang up between them
  • brotaron sospechas de que hubiera habido un fraude -> suspicions of fraud started to emerge
4. (en la piel)
  • le brotó un sarpullido -> he broke out in a rash
pronomial verb
1. to come out in a rash (salir sarpullidos) (Am)

brotar [bro-tar’]
verb neuter
1. To bud, to germinate, to put forth shoots or germs: to come out. (n)
2. To gush, to flow or rush out. (n)
3. To issue, to break out, to appear (granos, diviesos). (Medical) (n)
4. To appear, spring up. (n)
  • Han brotado las manifestaciones -> demonstrations have ocurred
  • Como princesa brotada de un cuento de hadas -> like a princess out of a fairy tale
article & verb transitive
5. To bring forth (tierra); to sprout (planta); (fig.) To sprout; to pur out.

1 (Botánica) [+planta, semilla] to sprout; bud; [+hoja] to sprout; come out; [+flor] to come out
2 [+agua] to spring up; [+río] to rise; [+lágrimas, sangre] to well (up)
le brotaba sangre de la herida
3 (aparecer) to spring up
han brotado sectas por todos sitios sects have sprung up all over the place; las protestas populares brotaron de la crisis económica popular protest sprang from the recession; como princesa brotada de un cuento de hadas like a princess out of a fairy tale
4 (Med) (epidemia) to break out; (erupción, grano, espinilla) to appear
brotó una epidemia en el campo de refugiados
le brotaron granos por toda la cara spots appeared all over his face; he came out in spots all over his face

Verb Conjugations for "brotar" (go to to sprout, to spring up)


yo broto broté brotaba brotaría brotaré
brotas brotaste brotabas brotarías brotarás
él/ella/Ud. brota brotó brotaba brotaría brotará
nosotros brotamos brotamos brotábamos brotaríamos brotaremos
vosotros brotáis brotasteis brotabais brotaríais brotaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. brotan brotaron brotaban brotarían brotarán
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