1. (plant) 
a. la retama f, escoba (F) 
2. (for cleaning) 
a. la escoba (F) 
3. (fig) 
a new broomjefe recién llegado que quiere cambiar radicalmente las cosas
broom [bruːm] [brʊm]
1 (brush) escoba (f)
new broom escoba (f) nueva
a new broom sweeps clean escoba nueva barre bien
It will be some time before the new broom sweeps clean but there is a hope, indeed an expectation, that a new spirit will at least imbue the proceedings in Basingstoke this week A new broom doesn't always sweep clean, it just brushes some of the worst dirt under the carpet for a while
2 (Bot) retama (f); hiniesta (f)
broom closet (US)broom cupboard (Britain) (n) armario (m) de los artículos de limpieza
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