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1. roto(a) (object, bone, promise); accidentado(a) (ground, surface); destrozado(a) (sentido figurado) (person, heart)
  • in a broken voice con la voz quebrada
  • to speak broken English chapurrear inglés
  • broken home hogar (m) deshecho or roto
participio passado of break
broken [ˈbrəʊkən]
1 [+object] roto; quebrado; (LAm) [+bone] roto; fracturado; [+skin] cortado
"do not use on broken skin" "no aplicar si hay cortes o heridas en la piel"; he sounds like a broken record parece un disco rallado
At the hospital Magda repeats to everyone, like a broken record, that she and her daughter are both pregnant At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I must extend my sincere thanks to ...
2 (not working) [+machine] estropeado; averiado
The coffee machine's broken
3 (uneven) [+road surface] accidentado
4 (ruined) [+health, spirit] quebrantado; [+heart] roto; destrozado
to die of a broken heart morir de pena
...a young woman whose mother had died of a broken heart after the arrest of her husband I would probably have died from a broken heart longing for my children
broken in health deshecho; muy decaído; a broken man un hombre deshecho; a broken reed una persona quemada
5 (interrupted) [+line] quebrado; [+voice] entrecortado; [+sleep] interrumpido; [+cloud] fragmentario
The moon was veiled in broken cloud through which, from time to time, shone piercing shafts of pale greenish light The sun was shining fitfully from behind the broken cloud
he speaks broken English chapurrea el inglés; she had a broken night durmió mal, despertándose a cada momento
6 (failed) [+marriage] deshecho
a broken home una familia dividida
7 [+promise] roto; quebrantado
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