"brindar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

intransitive verb
1. to drink a toast
  • brindar por algo/alguien -> to drink to something/somebody
  • brindar a la salud de alguien -> to drink to somebody's health
transitive verb
2. to offer
  • me brindó su casa -> he offered me the use of his house
  • el ayuntamiento brindó todos los medios a su disposición -> the town council made available all the means at its disposal
  • quiero agradecer la confianza que me brindan -> I would like to thank you for the confidence you are showing in me
  • brindar el triunfo a alguien -> to dedicate one's victory to somebody
  • su visita me brindó la ocasión de conocerlo mejor -> his visit gave me the opportunity to get to know him better
pronomial verb
  • brindarse a hacer algo -> to offer to do something

brindar [brin-dar’]
verb neuter
1. To drink one's health, to toast. (n)
  • ¡Brindemos por la unidad! -> let's drink to unity
2. To offer cheerfully to invite. (n)
3. To allure, to entice. (n)
verb transitive
4. To offer, present, afford.
  • Brindar a uno con algo -> to offer something to somebody
  • Le brinda la ocasión -> it offers him the opportunity
5. (Taur.) To dedicate.
6. Brindar a uno a hacer algo, to invite somebody to do something.

1 (ofrecer) to offer; afford
los árboles brindaban sombra the trees afforded shade; brindar a algn (con) algo to offer sth to sb; le brinda la ocasión it gives o affords him the opportunity; bríndame un cigarro give me a cigarette; me brindó una copa he bought me a drink
2 (dedicar) to dedicate;a to
brindar por algn/algo to drink to sb/sth; toast sb/sth; brindaron por los novios they drank a toast to the newly-weds; ¡brindemos por la unidad! here's to unity!
brindarse a hacer algo to offer to do sth; se brindó a ayudarme he offered to help me

Verb Conjugations for "brindar" (go to to drink a toast; to offer, to give)


yo brindo brindé brindaba brindaría brindaré
brindas brindaste brindabas brindarías brindarás
él/ella/Ud. brinda brindó brindaba brindaría brindará
nosotros brindamos brindamos brindábamos brindaríamos brindaremos
vosotros brindáis brindasteis brindabais brindaríais brindaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. brindan brindaron brindaban brindarían brindarán
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