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1. ladrillo (m) (for building)
  • to drop a brick (sentido figurado) meter la pata
  • brick wall muro (m) de ladrillo(s)
  • you're banging your head against a brick wall te estás esforzando para nada
2. (familiar Old-fashioned)
  • he's a brick es un gran tipo (británico)
brick [brɪk]
1 (Constr) ladrillo (m); tabique (m); (Méx)
bricks and mortar construcción (f); edificios (m)
to come down on sb like a ton of bricks echar una bronca de miedo a algn (informal)
to drop a brick (Britain) meter la pata (informal); tirarse una plancha (informal); (Esp)
you can't make bricks without straw sin paja ho hay ladrillos
2 (Britain) (toy) cubo (m)
3 [of ice cream] bloque (m)
4 (person)
he's a brick es buen chico; be a brick and lend it to me préstamelo como buen amigo
de ladrillo(s)
brick kiln (n) horno (m) de ladrillos
brick wall (n) pared (f) de ladrillos
to beat one's head against a brick wall esforzarse en balde
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