feminine noun
1. early fig (fruta)
2. flat cigar (cigarro)
3. (informal)
  • ¡no caerá esa breva! -> some chance (of that happening)! (peninsular Spanish)

breva [bray’-vah]
1. The early fruit of a variety of the common figtree. (f)
2. Early large acorn. (f)
  • Más blando que una breva -> more pliant than a glove; brought to reason
3. Pure cigar, rather flat. (f)
4. Any valuable thing or position easily obtained. (Colloquial) (f)
  • ¡No caerá esa breva! -> (Esp.) No such luck
  • Poner a uno como una breva -> to beat somebody black and blue

1 (Botánica) early fig
¡no caerá esa breva! no such luck!
pelar la breva (S. Cone) to steal
poner a algn como una breva to beat sb black and blue
2 (puro) flat cigar; (Caribe) [de calidad] good-quality cigar
3 (Latinoamérica) (tabaco) chewing tobacco
4 (puesto) plum; plum job; (gaje) perk (familiar)
5 (cosa fácil)
es una breva it's a cinch (muy_familiar); it's a pushover (familiar); para él es una breva it's chickenfeed to him (familiar)

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