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feminine noun
1. hole, opening (abertura)
  • la brecha entre ricos y pobres the gulf o gap between rich and poor
2. gash (herida)
  • hacerse una brecha en la cabeza to cut one's head, to split one's head open
3. breach (military)
4. (expresiones)
  • abrir brecha en un mercado to break into a market
  • seguir en la brecha to keep at it
1 (abertura) breach; opening
abrir brecha en una muralla to breach a wall; batir en brecha (Mil) to breach; to get the better of
estar en la brecha to be in the thick of things
hacer brecha en algn to make an impression on sb
seguir en la brecha to go on with one's work; keep at it
2 (entre personas) rift; (entre opiniones) gap
3 (Med) gash; wound
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