brava [brah’-vah]
1. Heavy swell of the sea. (Nautical) (f)
2. Row, fight (disputa). (Mexico) (f)
3. A la brava tendrás que ir, you’ll have to go whether you like it or not. (f)
4. Dar una brava a, to intimidate. (Caribbean) (f)
2. Bullying, hectoring.
3. Savage, wild, fierce (animales).
4. Severe, untractable. (Metaphorical)
5. Rude, unpolished, uncivilized, angry. (Metaphorical)
  • Ponerse bravo con uno -> to get angry with somebody
6. Sumptuous, expensive.
7. Excellent, fine.
  • Brava cosa -> Very fine indeed
  • Mar bravo -> swollen sea
  • ¡Bravo -> int
8. Hot, strong (picante). (Ante Meridian & Latin American) (m)
9. Thug. (m)
Brave, valiant, strenuous, manful, hardy, fearless. Bravo!.

1 (México) (disputa) row; fight
a la brava like it or not
a la brava tendrás que ir you'll have to go whether you like it or not
2 (Caribe)
dar una brava a algn to lean on sb (familiar); intimidate sb

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