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1. rama (f) (of tree, family, subject); afluente (m) (of river); ramal (m) derivación (f) (of road, railway)
  • branch line línea (f) secundaria, ramal (m) (railway)
2. sucursal (f) (of bank); establecimiento (m) (of shop)
intransitive verb
3. bifurcarse
branch [brɑːntʃ]
1 [of tree] rama (f); [of science] rama (f); [of government, police] sección (f); [of industry] ramo (m)
2 (Comm) [of company, bank] sucursal (f)
3 (in road, railway, pipe) ramal (m)
4 [of river] brazo (m); (US) [of stream] arroyo (m)
5 [of family] rama (f)
intransitive verb
[+road etc] bifurcarse
branch line (n) (Ferro) ramal (m); línea (f) secundaria
branch manager (n) directoradirectora (m) (f) de sucursal;a directora
branch office (n) sucursal (f)
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