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1. caja (f) (container)
  • box number 12 apartado (m) de correos número 12 (postal)
  • box camera cámara (f) de cajón
2. recuadro (m) (printed, drawn)
  • tick the box ponga una cruz en la casilla
  • (penalty) box área (f) (de castigo) (in soccer)
3. (familiar) (television)
  • the box la tele (británico)
4. palco (m) (in theater)
transitive verb
5. guardar en una caja (place in box)
6. (hit)
  • to box somebody's ears abofetear a alguien
intransitive verb
7. boxear (fight)
box [bɒks]
1 (gen) caja (f); (large) cajón (m); (chest etc) arca (f); cofre (m); (for money etc) hucha (f); (for jewels etc) estuche (m)
cardboard box caja (f) de cartón; box of matches caja (f) de cerillas; wine box caja de cartón revestida de plástico por dentro y con una llave en el exterior por la que se vierte el vino
to be first out of the box with sth Arco is definitely first out of the box with an alternative gas for cars without catalytic converters to come out of the box with sth Are you anticipating that Clinton is going to come out of the box with a whole series of fairly substantial decisions?
to be out of one's box (Britain) (from drugs) estar volado (very_informal); estar colocado (informal); (Esp) (from alcohol) estar como una cuba (informal)
This guy must have been seriously out of his box!
2 (in theatre, stadium) palco (m)
the box (Britain) (television) la caja boba (informal); la tele (informal); we saw it on the box lo vimos en la tele (informal)
4 (Britain) (road junction) parrilla (f)
5 (on form, to be filled in) casilla (f)
6 (Dep) (protection) protector (m)
7 (also post-office box) apartado (m) de correos; casilla (f) de correo; (LAm)
8 (Tip) (surrounding table, diagram) recuadro (m)
transitive verb
poner en una caja
a boxed set of six cups and saucers un juego de seis tazas y platillos envasado en una caja de cartón
This boxed collection captures 64 of the greatest modern love songs
to box the compass cuartear la aguja
box camera (n) cámara (f) de cajón
box file (n) archivador (m); archivo (m)
box girder (n) viga (f) en forma de cajón; vigas (f) gemelas
box junction (n) (Britain) (Aut) cruce (m) con parrilla
box kite (n) cometa en forma de cubo, abierto por dos lados
box number (n) apartado (m) de correos; casilla (f) de correo; (LAm)
box office (n) taquilla (f); boletería (f); (LAm)
to be good box office ser taquillero
box pleat (n) (Cos) tablón (m)
box seat (n) (US) (Teat) asiento (m) de palco
box spring (n) muelle (m)
box [bɒks]
a box on the ear un cachete (m)
transitive verb
(Dep) boxear contra
to box sb's ears guantear a algn; dar un mamporro a algn (informal)
intransitive verb
to box clever (Britain) andarse listo; montárselo bien (informal)
box [bɒks]
(Bot) boj (m)
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