Bowl in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. cuenco (m) bol (m) (dish)
  • a bowl of soup, pleaseun plato de sopa, por favor
  • soup bowlplato (m) sopero
  • salad bowlensaladera (f)
  • fruit bowlfrutero (m)
2. taza (f) (of toilet)
intransitive verb
1. lanzar la bola (in cricket)
bowl [bəʊl]
1 (large cup) tazón (m); cuenco (m); (dish) (for soup) plato (m) sopero; (for washing up) palangana (f); barreño (m); (for salad) fuente (f); ensaladera (f)
life isn't a bowl of cherries for her right now actualmente su vida no es un camino de rosas or no es de color de rosa
2 (amount) plato (m)
3 (hollow) [of lavatory] taza (f); [of spoon] cuenco (m); [of pipe] cazoleta (f); [of fountain] tazón (m)
4 (US) (stadium) estadio (m)
5 (Geog) cuenca (f)
bowl [bəʊl]
1 (ball) bola (f); bocha (f)
bowls (game) (Britain) (on green) bochas (f); (tenpin bowling) bolos (m); boliche (m)
transitive verb
(Cricket) [+ball] lanzar; arrojar;(also bowl out) [+batsman] eliminar
Watkins hit 16 before being bowled by Ambrose
intransitive verb
1 (Cricket) lanzar
He bowled so well that we won two matches
to go bowling (Britain) ir a jugar a las bochas; (US) ir a jugar al boliche
we were bowling down Knightsbridge (on foot) caminábamos por Knightsbridge a toda prisa; (in vehicle) íbamos por Knightsbridge a toda velocidad
It felt just like old times, to bowl down Knightsbridge
bowl along
(on foot) caminar a toda prisa; (in vehicle) ir a toda velocidad;
bowl over
transitive verb
1 (knock down) tumbar; derribar
The only physical risk I ran was being bowled over by one of the many joggers Some people had to cling to trees as the flash flood bowled them over
2 desconcertar; dejar atónito
we were quite bowled over by the news la noticia nos desconcertó or sorprendió bastante; she bowled him over ella lo dejó patidifuso (informal)
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