1. (with head) 
a. la reverencia (F) 
to take a bowsalir a saludar
transitive verb
2. (general) 
to bow one's headinclinar la cabeza
intransitive verb
3. (as greeting, sign of respect) 
a. inclinar la cabeza 
to bow downinclinarse
4. (fig) 
to bow down before somebodyinclinarse ante alguien
5. (yield) 
to bow to something/somebodyrendirse ante algo/alguien
bow [baʊ]
(greeting) reverencia (f)
to make a bow inclinarse;to delante de; hacer una reverencia;to a; to make one's bow presentarse; debutar; to take a bow salir a agradecer los aplausos; salir a saludar
transitive verb
1 (lower) [+head] inclinar; bajar
2 (bend) [+back] encorvar; doblar; [+branches] inclinar; doblar
to bow one's thanks inclinarse en señal de agradecimiento
intransitive verb
1 (in greeting) inclinarse;to delante de; hacer una reverencia;to a
to bow and scrape mostrarse demasiado solícito
2 (bend) [+branch etc] arquearse; doblarse
The branches bowed under the weight of all the snow
to bow beneath estar agobiado por
3 (yield) inclinarse or ceder;to ante
to bow to the inevitable resignarse a lo inevitable
bow [bəʊ]
1 (weapon) also (Mús) arco (m)
bow and arrow arco (m) y flechas
2 (knot) lazo (m)
to tie a bow hacer un lazo
bow legs (n) piernas (f) arqueadas
bow tie (n) pajarita (f)
bow window (n) mirador (m); ventana (f) salediza
bow [baʊ]
(Náut) (also bows) proa (f)
on the port/starboard bow a babor/estribor
a shot across the bows un cañonazo de advertencia
bow doors (n) portón (m) de proa
bow wave (n) ola causada por un barco al desplazarse por el agua
Visibility was nil and he didn't want suddenly to be staring down the bow wave of a tanker doing twenty knots as it ploughed north for the Denmark Straits The giant reptile plunged into the water and came speeding straight at us, its great head causing a bow wave
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