Bottle in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. botella (f) (container); frasco (m) (of medicine); biberón (m) (for baby)
  • bring your own bottle trae una botella de algo
  • to take to or hit the bottle (familiar) darse a la bebida
  • bottle bank contenedor (m) de vidrio
  • bottle green verde (m) botella
  • bottle opener abrebotellas m inv
  • bottle party fiesta (f) (a la que cada invitado lleva una botella)
2. (familiar) (courage)
  • to have a lot of bottle echarle muchas narices, tener muchas agallas (británico)
transitive verb
3. embotellar
bottle [ˈbɒtl]
1 (gen) botella (f); (empty) envase (m); [of ink, scent] frasco (m); (baby's) biberón (m)
to hit or take to the bottle darse a la bebida
2 (Britain) (courage)
it takes a lot of bottle to ... hay que tener muchas agallas para ... (informal); to lose one's bottle rajarse (informal)
transitive verb
1 [+wine] embotellar; [+fruit] envasar; enfrascar
2 (Britain)
he bottled it se rajó (informal)
He was scheduled to appear on the Russell Harty Show, but bottled it at the last moment
bottle bank (n) contenedor (m) de vidrio
bottle brush (n) escobilla (f); limpiabotellas (m); (Bot) callistemon (m)
bottle opener (n) abrebotellas (m); destapador (m); (LAm)
bottle party (n) fiesta a la que cada invitado contribuye con una botella
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