1. (trouble) 
a. la problemas mpl, dificultades (F) 
2. (inconvenience) 
a. la molestia (F) 
to go to the bother of doing somethingtomarse la molestia de hacer algo
transitive verb
3. (annoy) 
a. molestar 
my back's still bothering metodavía me molesta la espalda
I hate to bother you but…siento tener que molestarte pero…
4. (care about) 
to be bothered about somethingestar preocupado(a) por algo
5. (colloquial) 
I can't be botheredno tengo ganas, paso
6. (colloquial) 
I'm not botheredme da igual
intransitive verb
7. (care) 
a. preocuparse 
he didn't even bother to apologizeni siquiera se molestó en pedir disculpas
don't bother!no te molestes
bother [ˈbɒðəʳ]
1 (nuisance) molestia (f); lata (informal) (f)
what a bother! ¡qué lata! (informal); it's such a bother to clean es una lata limpiarlo (informal); es muy incómodo limpiarlo
2 (problems) problemas (m)
I found the street without any bother encontré la calle sin problemas
Save yourself a lot of bother and have it done professionally
do you have much bother with your car? ¿tienes muchos problemas con el coche?; he had a spot of bother with the police tuvo un pequeño problema con la policía
3 (trouble) molestia (f)
it isn't any bother it's no bother no es ninguna molestia
I went to the bother of finding one me tomé la molestia de buscar uno
4 (Britain) (violence)
to go out looking for bother salir a buscar camorra (informal)
There was a spot of bother after the match, but nothing that the police couldn't handle
transitive verb
1 (worry) preocupar; (annoy) molestar; fastidiar
does the noise bother you? ¿le molesta el ruido?; does it bother you if I smoke? ¿le molesta que fume?; his leg bothers him le duele la pierna; to bother o.s. about/with sth molestarse or preocuparse por algo
Don't bother yourself about the money, I'll collect it later It's quite unnecessary for you to bother yourself with complex arithmetic when you have better things to do
2 (inconvenience) molestar; (pester) dar la lata a (informal)
I don't like to bother him at this time of night I don't know why he bothers me with this kind of rubbish ...a neighbour who kept bothering her
I'm sorry to bother you perdona la molestia; don't bother me! ¡no me molestes!; ¡no fastidies!; ¡no me friegues! (informal); (LAm) please don't bother me about it now le ruego que no me moleste con eso ahora
intransitive verb
(take trouble) tomarse la molestia;to do de hacer
to bother about/with molestarse or preocuparse por; don't bother no te molestes; no te preocupes; he didn't even bother to write ni siquiera se molestó en escribir
¡porras! (informal)
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Gerund: molestando
Participle: molestado
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