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usage note
Spanish does not actually have a word meaning to borrow. Since the act of borrowing involves a borrower and a lender, in practice Spanish focuses on the action of the lender. So, instead of asking, "Can I borrow your pencil?" you would say, "Can you loan me your pencil?" ...¿Me prestas tu lápiz?
transitive verb
  • can I borrow your book? ¿me prestas or dejas tu libro? (español de España)
  • I borrowed his bicycle without him knowing le tomé la bicicleta prestada sin que lo supiera
  • to borrow a book from the library tomar prestado un libro de la biblioteca
  • to borrow money from the bank pedir un crédito al banco
  • to be living on borrowed time tener los días contados (ill person, government)
intransitive verb
  • she's always borrowing from other people siempre está pidiendo cosas prestadas a los demás
borrow [ˈbɒrəʊ]
transitive verb
pedir prestado;from, of a; tomar prestado; [+idea etc] adoptar; apropiarse; [+word] tomar;from de
may I borrow your car? ¿me prestas el coche?; you can borrow it till I need it te lo presto hasta que lo necesite
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