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borracho, -a
1. drunk (ebrio)
2. (emocionado)
  • borracho, -a de -> drunk o intoxicated with
masculine or feminine noun
3. drunk (persona)
masculine noun
4. ≅ rum baba (bizcocho), = sponge cake soaked in alcohol

borracho [bor-rah’-cho, chah]
1. Drunk, intoxicated.
  • Estar más borracho que una cuba -> to be as drunk as a Lord
2. Inflamed by passion. (Metaphorical)
3. Applied to cookie baked with wine.
4. Applied to fruits and flowers of a violet color.
5. Es un negocio borracho, it's a real money-spinner, it's money for old rope. (Especially)

borrachoa borracha
1 [+persona]
está borracho he's drunk; es muy borracho he's a drunkard; he's a heavy drinker
estar borracho como una cuba to be plastered (familiar); be blind drunk (familiar)
2 (poseído) drunk; blind;de with
3 (Culin) [+bizcocho] tipsy soaked in liqueur o spirit; (soaked in liqueur o spirit) [+fruta] marinated
4 (de color) violet
es un negocio borracho
drunkard; drunk

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