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masculine noun
1. (Náut & aviation)
  • a bordo on board
  • bienvenidos a bordo welcome aboard
1 (Náutica)
a bordo aboard; on board
"bienvenidos a bordo" "welcome aboard"; estar a bordo del barco to be on board the ship; con ordenador de a bordo with on-board computer; ir a bordo (Náutica) to go on board; (Aeronáutica) to board
de alto bordo
buque de alto bordo big ship; seagoing vessel; personaje de alto bordo distinguished person; influential person
2 (bordada) tack
dar bordos to tack
3 (México) (Agr) roughly-built dam
4 (S. Cone) (dique) raised furrow
5 (Centroamérica) [de montaña] peak; summit
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