transitive verb
1. (to sew) 
Mi abuela bordó flores en las cortinas a mano.My grandmother embroidered flowers on the curtains by hand.
2. (figurative) (to perform well) 
El actor que hizo de villano bordó su papel.The actor who played the villain was excellent in his part.
Todos los empleados bordaron sus tareas.All the employees did their tasks excellently.
c. to play brilliantly (acting, sports, or music) 
La orquesta tocó muy bien y el violinista bordó su solo.The orchestra played quite well and the violinist played his solo brilliantly.
d. to shine in (figurative) (acting) 
Anita bordó el papel de Ofelia.Anita shone in the part of Ophelia.
transitive verb
1. (coser) 
a. to embroider 
2. (fig) 
a. to do excellently 
la actriz borda el papel de Cleopatrathe actress is outstanding in the role of Cleopatra
transitive verb
1 (Cos) to embroider
bordado a mano hand-embroidered
2 (hacer perfectamente) to do supremely well
ha bordado su papel she was excellent in her part
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