1. (for book) 
a. el marcapáginas (M) 
2. (computers) 
a. el marcador (M) 
transitive verb
3. (computers) 
a. añadir a la lista de marcadores (web page) 
bookmark [ˈbʊkmɑːk]
1 (for book) marcador (m); señalador (m)
2 (Internet) marcador (m); favorito (m)
This makes it extremely simple to zap back and forth between cross-references and save what you find with an electronic bookmark so you can return to it later Having reconnected, I wasted no time finding the registration form (I'd saved it as a Bookmark)
transitive verb
(Internet) marcar como sitio favorito; agregar a favoritos
I've got the Netscape Home Page bookmarked The compelling reason to bookmark this site is the wealth of entertaining pages it links up with
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