1. (reservation) 
a. la reservación (F) (Latin America) 
You can cancel your booking online.Se puede cancelar la reservación en línea.
Shawn made a booking for two at 7pm at the new Italian restaurant.Shawn hizo una reserva para dos a las 7pm en el restaurante italiano nuevo.
2. (engagement to perform) 
The band has bookings all over the West Coast for the next six months.La banda tiene compromisos por toda la Costa Oeste durante los próximos seis meses.
3. (sports) 
a. la amonestación (F) (soccer) 
Did you see that!? It should have been a red and he didn't even get a booking!¿¡Viste eso!? ¡Debería haber sido una tarjeta roja y ni siquiera le dieron una amonestación!
b. la sanción (F) (soccer) 
The goalkeeper got a booking for leaving the pitch without permission.El portero recibió una sanción por abandonar el campo de juego sin autorización.
4. (act of making a reservation) 
a. reservar 
Early booking is essential in the summer.Es imprescindible reservar con anticipación.
1. (reservation) 
a. la reserva (F) 
to make a bookinghacer una reserva
booking officetaquilla boletería f
2. (in soccer) 
a. la amonestación (F) 
to receive a bookingser amonestado(a)
booking [ˈbʊkɪŋ]
1 [of hotel, holiday, restaurant] reserva (f); [of performers] contratación (f)
Diana has a regular booking for a corner table on the first Tuesday of every month current winter bookings are running 30% ahead of last year's
to make a booking hacer una reserva
the booking was made in your name the Vanderbilts cancelled their booking
telephone booking reserva (f) por teléfono
telephone bookings for the London Film Festival open on 2 Nov the receptionist who took the telephone booking wrongly noted his name as "Bernstein"
2 (engagement)
he's played bass for us on several bookings we've had recently
the band has a booking next week han contratado al grupo para la semana que viene
3 (Dep) [of player]
he had nine bookings last year el año pasado recibió tarjeta amarilla nueve veces
booking clerk (n) taquilleroataquillera (m) (f);a taquillera
booking conditions (n) condiciones (f) de reserva
check the firm's booking conditions before you part with your money
booking fee (n) suplemento (m) por hacer la reserva
there is a booking fee of two pounds there are a few tickets left at Pounds 36.50 and Pounds 56.50 (including booking fee)
booking form (n) formulario (m) de reserva
use the booking form at the end of the brochure to make your reservation it was sold out even before the priority booking forms reach BFI members
booking office (n) (Ferro) despacho (m) de billetes or boletos; (LAm) (Teat) taquilla (f)
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