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el bombero, la bombera
feminine or masculine noun
1. (profession)
a. firefighter
Los bomberos consiguieron apagar el incendio forestal en tres días.The firefighters managed to put out the forest fire in three days.
b. fireman (masculine)
El bombero activó la sirena del camión para abrirse paso entre el tráfico.The fireman turned on the fire truck's siren to clear a path through the traffic.
c. firewoman (feminine)
Aquí hay tres bomberas que trabajan hombro a hombro con sus compañeros masculinos.Here there are three firewomen working shoulder to shoulder with their male colleagues.
2. (gas pump assistant) (Venezuela)
a. gas station attendant (United States)
Pedí diésel, pero el bombero me puso gasolina.I asked for diesel, but the gas station attendant gave me gasoline.
b. petrol pump attendant (United Kingdom)
El bombero ya se fue, así que tendrá que llenar el tanque usted mismo.The petrol pump attendant has left, so you'll have to fill the tank yourself.
plural noun
3. (fire and rescue service)
a. fire department (United States)
¡Que alguien llame a los bomberos!Someone call the fire department!
b. fire brigade (United Kingdom)
Los bomberos llegaron en cinco minutos para combatir el fuego.The fire brigade arrived within five minutes to tackle the fire.
bombero, -a
masculine or feminine noun
1. firefighter, fireman, (f) firewoman (de incendios)
  • tener ideas de bombero, -a to have crazy ideas (peninsular Spanish)
2. petrol-pump o (de gasolinera) (Venezuelan SpanishBr)
    gas-pump attendant (United States)
bomberoa bombera
1 (de incendios) firefighter; fireman
cuerpo de bomberos fire brigade; llamar a los bomberos to call the fire brigade
2 (persona problemática) troublemaker
3 (Arg) (Mil) (explorador) spy; scout
4 (Latinoamérica) (Automóviles) petrol-pump attendant; gas station attendant; (EEUU)
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