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masculine noun
1. (bread) roll (para comer) (de pan); bun (dulce)
2. dent (abolladura); bump (abultamiento) (peninsular Spanish)
3. dish, gorgeous guy/woman (informal) (persona atractiva)
  • ser un bollo to be a bit of all right
1 (Culin) [de pan] bread roll; (dulce) scone; bun
perdonar el bollo por el coscorrón to realize that it's more trouble than it's worth
no pela bollo (Caribe) he never gets it wrong
2 (en el coche) dent
tengo el coche lleno de bollos my car is full of dents
3 (Med) bump; lump
4 (Cos) puff
5 (confusión) confusion; mix-up
armar un bollo to make a fuss
meter a algn en un bollo to get sb into trouble
6 bollos (And) (problemas) troubles
7 (Centroamérica) (Caribe) cunt (vulgar)
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