masculine noun
1. (bread) roll (para comer) (de pan); bun (dulce)
2. dent (abolladura); bump (abultamiento) (peninsular Spanish)
3. dish, gorgeous guy/woman (informal) (persona atractiva)
  • ser un bollo -> to be a bit of all right

bollo [bol’-lyo]
1. Small loaf or roll made of fine flour. (m)
2. Small cookie or cake made of sugar, flour, milk, and eggs. (m)
3. Bruise made in metal or any similar matter. (m)
4. Morbid swelling. (m)
5. Bollos, ancient headdress of women, consisting of large buckles. (m)
6. In Peru, bars of silver extracted from the ore by means of fire or quicksilver. (m)
  • Bollos de relieve -> embossed or raised work
7. (fig.) Confusion; mix-up. (m)
  • meter a uno en el bollo -> to get somebody in trouble
8. punch (puñetazo). (Ante Meridian & Central America) (m)
9. Bollos, troubles. (Andes) (m)
10. Cunt (vagina). (Ante Meridian & Central America & Caribbean) (m)

1 (Culin) [de pan] bread roll; (dulce) scone; bun
perdonar el bollo por el coscorrón to realize that it's more trouble than it's worth
no pela bollo (Caribe) he never gets it wrong
2 (en el coche) dent
tengo el coche lleno de bollos my car is full of dents
3 (Med) bump; lump
4 (Cos) puff
5 (confusión) confusion; mix-up
armar un bollo to make a fuss
meter a algn en un bollo to get sb into trouble
6 bollos (And) (problemas) troubles
7 (Centroamérica) (Caribe) cunt (vulgar)

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