Bold in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. audaz (brave)
2. fresco(a) (shameless)
  • to be as bold as brass ser un(a) caradura, tener más cara que espalda (español de España)
3. marcado(a), acentuado(a) (striking)
  • bold type (imprenta) negrita (f)
bold [bəʊld]
bolder (comparative)boldest (superlative)
1 (brave) [+person, attempt, plan] atrevido; audaz
there was no one bold enough to step into his shoes It pays to be bold in your approach to decorating He made a bold attempt to secure the elusive gold medal
2 (forward) [+child, remark] atrevido; descarado
if I may be or make so bold si me permite el atrevimiento (formal); to make bold with sth servirse de algo como si fuera suyo
(as) bold as brass más fresco que una lechuga (informal)
3 (striking) [+colour, clothes, design] llamativo; [+brush stroke, handwriting, move] enérgico; [+shape, relief, contrast] marcado
4 (Tip) [+letters] en negrita
(Tip) negrita (f)
bold type (n) negrita (f)
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