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1. rubor (m) sonrojo (m)
  • to spare somebody's blushes salvar a alguien del bochorno
intransitive verb
2. ruborizarse, sonrojarse
  • I blush to admit it me da vergüenza or pena confesarlo (Am)
blush [blʌʃ]
1 (from embarrassment) rubor (m); sonrojo (m); (glow) tono (m) rosáceo
the first blush of dawn la primera luz del alba; in the first blush of youth en la inocencia de la juventud; at first blush a primera vista; to bring a blush to sb's face hacer sonrojar a algn; to spare or save his blushes para que no se ruborice; spare my blushes! ¡qué cosas dices!
2 (US) (make-up) colorete (m)
intransitive verb
ruborizarse; sonrojarse;at por;with de
to make sb blush hacer que algn se ruborice or se sonroje; I blush for you siento vergüenza por ti; I blush to even think about it me avergüenzo de solo pensarlo; she blushed to the roots of her hair se puso colorada como un tomate
to blush like a lobster tomato
Verb Conjugations for ruborizar
Gerund: ruborizando
Participle: ruborizado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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