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intransitive verb
1. (movement of air)
a. soplar
The wind was blowing from the sea.El viento soplaba desde el mar.
transitive verb
2. (to move by air)
a. hacer volar
The gust of wind blew all the papers from the table.La ráfaga de viento hizo volar todos los papeles de la mesa.
3. (to call attention)
a. tocar
The referee blew the whistle.El árbitro tocó el pito.
4. (punch)
a. el golpe (M)
He knocked the thief out with a single blow.Noqueó al ladrón de un solo golpe.
5. (setback)
a. el golpe (M) (figurative)
His death came as a great blow to us all.Su muerte fue un duro golpe para todos.
1. golpe (m) (hit)
  • to come to blows (over something) llegar a las manos (por algo)
  • to strike a blow for something (sentido figurado) romper una lanza por algo
  • to soften the blow (sentido figurado) para suavizar el golpe
2. duro golpe (m) (setback)
  • this news was a blow to us la noticia fue un duro golpe para nosotros
transitive verb
1. (of wind)
  • the wind blew down the fence el viento derribó la valla
  • the wind blew the door open el viento abrió la puerta
2. tocar (of person) (flute, whistle, horn)
  • to blow glass soplar vidrio
  • to blow the dust off something soplar el polvo que hay en algo
  • to blow somebody a kiss lanzar un beso a alguien
  • to blow bubbles hacer pompas de jabón
  • to blow one's nose sonarse la nariz
  • to blow one's own trumpet (sentido figurado) echarse flores, batirse el parche (RP)
  • to blow the whistle on something/somebody (sentido figurado) dar la alarma sobre algo/alguien
3. (Elec)
  • the hairdryer has blown a fuse se ha fundido el fusible (del enchufe) del secador
  • to blow a fuse (sentido figurado) ponerse hecho(a) una furia(person), rayarse (CSur)
  • the Grand Canyon blew my mind (familiar sentido figurado) el Gran Cañón me dejó patidifuso
4. echar a perder (familiar) (chance, opportunity), mandar al garete (español de España)
  • that's blown it! ¡lo ha estropeado todo!
5. fundir (familiar) (money), fumar (RP)
  • he blew all his savings on a holiday se fundió or fumó todos sus ahorros en unas vacaciones (RP)
intransitive verb
6. soplar (wind, person)
  • to blow away salir volando (newspaper)
  • the fence blew down el viento derribó la valla
  • my papers blew out of the window mis papeles salieron volando por la ventana
  • the door blew open/shut el viento abrió/cerró la puerta
  • to blow on one's fingers calentarse los dedos soplando
  • he's always blowing hot and cold (sentido figurado) está cambiando constantemente de opinión
7. fundirse (Elec) (fuse)
blow [bləʊ] blew (past)blown (participle:past)
transitive verb
1 (move by blowing) [+wind etc] [+leaves papers] hacer volar
the wind blew the ship towards the coast el viento llevó or empujó el barco hacia la costa; the wind has blown dust all over it el viento lo ha cubierto de polvo; the wind blew the door shut el viento cerró la puerta de golpe
to blow sb a kiss enviar or tirar un beso a algn
2 [+trumpet, whistle] tocar; sonar; [+glass] soplar; [+egg] vaciar (soplando)
to blow bubbles (soap) hacer pompas; (gum) hacer globos
to blow one's nose sonarse (la nariz)
to blow smoke in sb's face or eyes echar el humo en la cara or los ojos a algn; (US) engañar a algn
I just can't shake the feeling that he's up to something. Sounds to me like he's blowing smoke in our eyes Everyone knew Philip Morris was growing faster than RJR. But now we know they've been growing faster than faster. RJR has been blowing smoke in our faces
to blow smoke rings hacer anillos or aros de humo
to blow smoke up sb's ass (US) lamer el culo a algn (vulgar); dar coba a algn (informal)
She would never blow smoke up my ass. Everybody tells you you're great when you're famous, but she'd always ask me, "Hey, did you wash your underwear today?"
to blow one's own trumpet
blow one's own horn (US)
darse bombo (informal)
to blow the whistle on sth/sb dar la voz de alarma sobre algo/algn
The week he died he was planning to blow the whistle on corrupt top-level officials Members of Queensland coastal communities are being asked to blow the whistle on activities that damage the marine environment
3 (burn out, explode) [+fuse] fundir; quemar; [+tyre] reventar
A lorry blew a tyre and careered into them
[+safe etc] volar
to blow sth sky-high volar algo en mil pedazos
to blow a theory sky-high echar por tierra una teoría
to blow a matter wide open destapar un asunto
to blow the lid off sth sacar a la luz algo; dejar algo al descubierto
...a new documentary blowing the lid off music business scandals You'll be terribly disappointed, however, if you think that Altman blows the lid off Hollywood
to blow sb's mind dejar alucinado a algn (informal)
to blow one's top
blow one's cork or stack (US)
reventar; estallar
to blow sth out of the water echar por tierra algo; dar al traste con algo
The government is in a state of paralysis. Its main economic and foreign policies have been blown out of the water Butcher put paid to that. He blew our whole operation out of the water
4 (spoil, ruin)
to blow one's chance of doing sth echar a perder or desperdiciar la oportunidad de hacer algo
He has almost certainly blown his chance of touring India this winter
to blow sb's cover desenmascarar a algn
to blow it pifiarla (informal)
now you've blown it! ¡ahora sí que la has pifiado! (informal)
to blow one's lines (US) (Teat) perder el hilo; olvidar el papel
There were times when she seemed less like a poetess than a distracted housewife, shuffling her papers, blowing her lines here and there, even stepping offstage to get the copy of Woolgathering that she left backstage
to blow a secret revelar un secreto
to blow money on sth malgastar dinero en algo
6 especially (US) (fellate) mamársela a (vulgar); hacer una mamada a (vulgar)
He said the best thing he could imagine was to be blown by two women at once
7 (Drugs)
to blow grass fumar hierba
8 (in exclamations)
blow me! blow it!
well I'm blowed! ¡caramba!
blow this rain! ¡dichosa lluvia! (informal); I'll be blowed if ... que me cuelguen si ... (informal); blow the expense! ¡al cuerno el gasto! (informal)
intransitive verb
1 [+wind, whale] soplar; [+person] (from breathlessness) jadear
to blow on one's fingers soplarse los dedos; to blow on one's soup enfriar la sopa soplando
it's blowing a gale hace muchísimo viento
2 [+leaves etc] (with wind) volar
the door blew open/shut se abrió/cerró la puerta con el viento
3 (make sound) [+trumpet, siren] sonar
the referee blew for a foul el árbitro pitó falta
4 [+fuse etc] fundirse; quemarse; [+tyre] reventar
The car tyre blew and we had to put on the spare wheel
5 (leave) largarse (informal); pirarla (informal); (Esp)
I must blow tengo que largarme (informal)
1 [of breath] soplo (m)
2 (Britain) (marijuana) maría (very_informal) (f); (US) (cocaine) coca (very_informal) (f); perico (very_informal) (m)
blow job (n) mamada (vulgar) (f)
to give sb a blow job mamársela or chupársela a algn (vulgar)
blow [bləʊ]
1 (hit) golpe (m); (slap) bofetada (f)
a blow with a hammer/fist/elbow un martillazo/un puñetazo/un codazo; at one blow de un solo golpe; a blow-by-blow account una narración pormenorizada; to cushion or soften the blow amortiguar el golpe; disminuir los efectos de un desastre etc; (de un desastre etc) to deal or strike sb a blow dar or asestar un golpe a algn; to strike a blow for freedom dar un paso más hacia la libertad; without striking a blow sin violencia; to come to blows llegar a las manos
2 (setback) golpe (m)
it is a cruel blow for everybody es un golpe cruel para todos; the news came as a great blow la noticia fue un duro golpe; that's a blow! ¡qué lástima!; the affair was a blow to his pride la cosa le hirió en el amor propio; it was the final blow to our hopes acabó de echar por tierra nuestras esperanzas
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Participle: soplado
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