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1. bloque (m) (of ice, wood, stone); tajo (m) (of butcher, for execution)
  • I'll knock your block off! (familiar) ¡te rompo la crisma!
  • block and tackle polipasto (m) , sistema (m) de poleas (for lifting)
  • block capitals (letras (f pl) ) mayúsculas (f pl)
  • block diagram diagrama (m) (de flujo or bloques) (flowchart)
2. bloque (m) (building); manzana (f) (group of buildings)cuadra (f) (Am)
  • block of flats bloque de apartamentos or (británico) pisos (español de España)
3. paquete (m) (of shares); grupo (m) conjunto (m) (of seats, tickets)
  • a block of text (informática) un bloque de texto
  • block booking reserva (f) de grupo
  • block vote voto (m) por delegación
transitive verb
4. bloquear (pipe, road, proposal); atascar (toilet, sink); obstruir (exit, stairs)
  • to block somebody's way cerrar el paso a alguien
  • to block somebody's view no dejar ver a alguien
  • to block a check (finanzas) anular un cheque
5. (informática)
  • to block text marcar un bloque de texto
block [blɒk]
1 [of stone] bloque (m); [of wood] zoquete (m); tarugo (m); (for paving) adoquín (m); (butcher's, executioner's) tajo (m); (toy) (also building block) cubo (m); [of brake] zapata (f); [of cylinder] bloque (m)
on the block (US) con dinero contante y sonante (informal); a tocateja (informal); (Esp)
2 (building) bloque (m); especially (US) (group of buildings) manzana (f); cuadra (f); (LAm)
block of flats (Britain) bloque (m) de pisos; (Esp) edificio (m) de departamentos; (LAm) to walk around the block dar la vuelta a la manzana; three blocks from here especially (US) a tres manzanas de aquí
3 (section) [of tickets, stamps] serie (f)
block of seats grupo (m) de asientos; block of shares paquete (m) de acciones
4 (blockage) (gen) atasco (m); (Med) bloqueo (m)
writer's block bloqueo (m) de escritor; to have a mental block tener un bloqueo mental
5 (Britain) (Tip) molde (m); (writing pad) bloc (m)
6 (Dep) blocks(also starting blocks) tacos (m) de salida
to be first/last off the blocks ser el más rápido/lento en la salida
Christie may not have been first off the blocks but he was first where it mattered — at the finish line
ser el más/menos madrugador
Christmas is coming, and Oxford University Press looks like being first off the blocks: next week it will launch A Christmas Story Three studios are lining up to remake the Maid of Orleans. First off the blocks is Warner Brothers' In Nomine Dei...
7 (Comput) bloque (m)
8 (head)
to knock sb's block off romper la crisma a algn (informal)
transitive verb
1 (obstruct) [+road, gangway] bloquear
Students today blocked a highway that runs through the center of the city When the shrimp farm is built it will block the stream An extremely fat man was blocking the gangway
[+traffic, progress] estorbar; impedir; [+pipe] obstruir; (Parl) [+bill] bloquear; (Comm) [+account] bloquear; (Dep) bloquear; parar
to block sb's way cerrar el paso a algn
to block sb's view
he stopped in the doorway, blocking her view se paró en la entrada, tapándole la vista; am I blocking your view? ¿te estoy tapando?; the road is blocked in four places el camino está cortado en cuatro lugares
road blocked cerrado (por obras)
my nose is blocked tengo la nariz taponada
2 (Comput) agrupar
intransitive verb
(Dep) bloquear; parar
block and tackle (n) (Téc) aparejo (m) de poleas
block booking (n) reserva (f) en bloque
block capitals (n) (letras (f)) mayúsculas (f)
in block capitals en mayúsculas; en letra or caracteres de imprenta
block diagram (n) diagrama (m) de bloques
block grant (n) subvención (f) en bloque
block letters (n)
block capitals See culture box in entry block.
block release (n) (Britain) (Educ) exención (f) por estudios
block vote (n) voto (m) por representación
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