1. (holy) 
a. sagrado(a), santo(a) 
the Blessed Sacramentel Santísimo Sacramento
2. (colloquial) 
a. dichoso(a) (for emphasis) 
a blessed nuisanceuna pesadez
I can't see a blessed thing!¡no veo un pimiento!
blessed [ˈblesɪd]
1 (Rel) (holy) bendito; santo; (beatified) beato
the Blessed Virgin la Santísima Virgen; the Blessed Sacrament el Santísimo Sacramento; blessed be Thy Name bendito sea Tu Nombre; of blessed memory que Dios lo/la tenga en su gloria
...your grandmother, Queen Eleanor of blessed memory ...old King Henry of blessed memory
2 (joyous) feliz; maravilloso
The final outcome of a live healthy baby is a truly blessed event Rainy weather brings blessed relief to hay fever victims
a day of blessed calm un día de bendita tranquilidad
3 (Britain) (wretched) santo (informal); dichoso (informal)
the whole blessed day todo el santo día (informal); where's that blessed book? ¿dónde está ese dichoso libro? (informal); we didn't find a blessed thing no encontramos nada de nada (informal)
plural noun
the Blessed los bienaventurados
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