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1. manta (f) cobija (f) (Am)frazada (f) (Am); manto (m) (of fog, cloud)
2. general, total (agreement, ban)
  • the government imposed a blanket ban on demonstrations (of fog, cloud) el gobierno prohibió todas las manifestaciones
  • blanket term término (m) general
blanket [ˈblæŋkɪt]
manta (f); frazada (f); (LAm) cobija (f); (LAm) [of snow] manto (m); [of smoke, fog] capa (f);
[+statement, agreement] general; [+ban] global
There's already a blanket ban on foreign unskilled labour in Japan
[+coverage] exhaustivo
...the blanket coverage of the Barcelona Olympics
this insurance policy gives blanket cover esta póliza de seguro es a todo riesgo
transitive verb
cubrir;in, with de, con; envolver;by, in, with en;
blanket bath (n)
bed bath See culture box in entry bed.
blanket stitch (n) punto (m) de festón
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