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soft, smooth, tender


blanda [blahn’-do, dah]
1. Soft pliant, smooth to the touch; cottony; milky; flabby liquid.
  • Blando al tacto -> soft to the touch
2. Lithe.
3. (Met.) Soft, mild, bland, gentle, grateful, plea
noun, singular
  • Blando de corazón -> sentimental, tender-hearted
4. Mild, moderate (tiempo).
5. Soft, effeminate, delicate, not bearing fatigue or labor.
6. Tender-mouthed (caballos).
  • Blando de boca -> tender-mouthed
7. Indiscreet, talkative. (Metaphorical)
8. Soft. (Metaphorical)
9. Met.) Fond of women, apt to fall in love.
  • Hombre blando -> a gentle, mild man
6 Tractable, good-natured, kindly; fair. 10

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